Engineering Talent is the new platform specifically designed to support
those who want to work in the Engineering and Manufacturing industries.

Creating opportunity

As individuals we want to achieve our ambitions and find the job that best fits our skills and supports our career development

As employers we want to place the right candidates in the right jobs, and ensure we retain talent in the sector.

As educators and learning providers we want to provide opportunity to those with an interest as well as a way to progress learning.

The solution

Engineering Talent is an online platform specifically designed for those wanting to be a part of the Engineering and Manufacturing industries.

Designed specifically by those with a passion for the sector, from new entrants to time served, from OEM's to SMEs, educators to those looking for a new challenge.

It is a tool to attract, retain and train the brightest stars for the workforce and for the UK Economy.

Achieve your ambitions and become an intrinsic part of the British Engineering and Manufacturing sector

As an Individual

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  • Let your talent be noticed
  • Show your interest to a host of employers and educational providers
  • Proactively progress in the Engineering and Manufacturing sector
  • See available opportunities across the whole of the UK
  • Search vacancies that suit you.
  • Update or learn new skills through relevant, reliable and authentic resources that are endorsed by the specialist Awarding Organisation for the sector
  • Update your knowledge to new industry wide standards
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Ensure the right candidates are in the right jobs and provide the next step of opportunity for everyone

As an Employer

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  • Retain talent within the industry
  • Redirect unsuccessful candidates that have applied with you to other opportunities within the sector
  • Recruit from the oversupply of applicants from the large brands
  • Search with your own parameters, such as location and qualifications to find the perfect candidate for your company
  • See all suitable candidates and their profiles
  • Allow candidates update their skills through reliable materials hosted directly in the portal.
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Take learning into a learners' world with our streaming service inspired learning environment. Plus recruit learners who have an interest in the sector and provide a wide range of opportunities to those with talent

As a Centre/Educator

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  • Access to a portal of dedicated content for learning that is relevant, reliable and trusted.
  • Learning content verified by EAL curators, sourced on your behalf
  • Mapped content to qualifications
  • Personalised to your learners course
  • Searchable content that is accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Upload your own content
  • Access to the largest talent portal for the sector that is backed by hundreds of employers
  • Find the candidates who already have an interest in the sector
  • Use as a 'Job board' for your employers, uploading vacancies they are looking to fulfil
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